Container Ship

The Far Harbour 39 is a cruiser that fits in a container.

The design of the Far Harbour 39 is not new per se, but when I saw that Container Yachts has just launched a customized FH 39 built by Johanson Boat Works in Rockport, Maine, for an owner whose previous boats include a Swan and an Amel, I realized that the ability to pack a comfortable cruising boat into a container, and easily ship it to virtually any cruising grounds in the world, provides a real alternative to going to windward the old-fashioned way.

Since the whole boat--hull, mast keel, everything--fits into a container, the cost of shipping is much less than the way most boats get shipped (tied down on deck). And it goes to windward on a ship while you fly to windward at a comfortable 35,000 feet. And when you get there, all you need to get the hull out of the container is a travellift. Then it's just a question bolting on the keel, stepping the mast. And as you'll see in the video, the boat sails pretty well too.