Morris 52: Bigger is Beautiful

A first look at Morris Yachts' new 52-footer.


The M52 shares the graceful lines and classic stylings of Morris' M36 and M42 designs.Morris Yachts

At the Newport International Boat Show in Newport, Rhode Island, Morris Yachts unveiled the rendering of its new Morris 52. The new design was inspired by the success of smaller predecessors, the M36 and the M42.

For the 52-footer, Morris Yachts teamed up with legendary design firm Sparkman & Stephens to produce a yacht of classic and lasting beauty. Cuyler Morris, president of the Bass Harbor, Maine-based Morris Yachts, says, "The M-Series yachts are designed and engineered for fun, comfortable, and simple sailing. The M52 will be no exception."

Introduced in 2003, the M36 and M42 have attracted buyers from around the world. Thus far, Morris has sold 38 M36s and 6 M42s, and delivered the boats to places like Maine, Japan, Hong Kong, and Ireland. The new M52 has a lofty price tag of $1,100,000, but if the boat's lineage is any indication of quality, you'll be getting what you pay for.