Multihull Insurance Issues

August 7, 2002

Nowadays, cruising catamaran owners may enjoy a discount on their insurance premiums because their loss ratio is smaller than monohulls’. This favorable ratio has nothing to do with red-herring safety issues; it has to do with actual paid-out losses. Astute insurance agents recognize the advantage and seek out high-quality production boats to insure. Multihull insurers include:

International Marine Insurance Services, phone (410) 643-8330 (MD)
Seaward Marine Insurance, phone (305) 538-0474 (FL)
Berg Williams Insurance, phone (800) 749-8800 or (305) 767-9500 (FL)
BOAT/U.S., phone (800) 283-2883 or (703) 461-2850 (VA)
Jack Martin & Associates, phone (410) 267-8755 (MD)

A full description of your vessel as a catamaran sailboat or a trimaran sailboat will help the paperwork flow through other companies’ underwriting departments.


-Chuck Kanter
Chuck Kanter and his wife Corinne are both successful authors. Chuck’s Cruising On More Than One Hull and Sailor’s Multihull Guide compose part of his 25 years’ experience sailing, surveying, delivering and otherwise messing about in multihulls. The Kanters can usually be found plying the waters of the Bahamas, Caribbean or Florida Keys.


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