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England and Germany put forth new boats. From "Past the Spindle" for October 30, 2008

December 11, 2008


The newly launched Moody 41 Classic features a low coach roof, twin wheels, and traditional interior.

On this side of the Pond, we’re still waiting to see the old new Moody, the 45 Deck Saloon introduced in England earlier this year. The boat was rumored to be headed to the boat show in Annapolis, but importer Don Walsh said sales were brisk enough in Europe that a hull couldn’t be spared for us Yanks.

The Moody name, for years synonymous with British cruising, is now owned by Hanse Yachts of Germany. The new 45 sports rakish lines and styling, and I for one, was anxious to get aboard.

Meantime on that side of the Pond, Hanse has just launched the Moody 41 Classic, just in time for the fall show in Hamburg. Early images would indicate it should please traditionalists with even the stiffest of upper lips. The boat has a low coach roof, twin wheels in an aft cockpit, and a very traditionally styled interior. Maybe next spring a two-for-one shipping deal can be found to make it feasible to send both boats over so we can have a look.


Bavaria Yachts, also of Germany, announced this past week that it will roll out its new Holiday Unlimited Edition of boats ranging from 31 to 50 feet. Based on its Cruiser line, the new boats will offer a range of options and will be set off from the standard fare by grey rather than blue hull and deck stripes.

Other changes are afoot in the Bavaria world, as well. At the recent U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland, American importer Bruce Mundle reported the company is bringing in an interior designer to spruce up living spaces in future models.

One final tidbit from the wide world of cruising sailboats: New life has apparently been breathed into Hans Christian, the builder of those rock-solid looking double-enders that are chock full of wood and brass fittings.


A story/press release arrived this week to announce that Jack Hall of Pantawee Marine is set up in Thailand and about to begin construction of three models, the 33T, 42T and 48T.

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