Seafaring Ferret Enjoys the Good Life

As this anthropomorphized pet so eloquently demonstrates, cruising blogs aren't just for humans anymore.


Maggie, a seafaring ferret belonging to Tom and Amy Gillespie, makes her nightly rounds through the food stores on Dream Catcher.Tom Gillespie

For the past two years, Tom and Amy Gillespie have been living and cruising aboard their 36-foot catamaran, Dream Catcher. Among the many entertaining features of the couple's website is a section written by Tom in the voice of their pet ferret, Maggie. Here's the latest from "Ferret's Corner":

"My days onboard consist mostly of sleeping in late, then having breakfast in bed. Around 2:00 p.m. or so I will get out and play for a little bit. Play time usually leaves me exhausted, so I go back to bed until dinner time. After eating dinner two or three times, I like to go for an evening stroll through the boat looking for something to attack. Tom's miscellaneous computer parts are usually good for a laugh or two, but sometimes I make due with a random sock.

"Most people want to know if I can swim. I do not care for it as I prefer to ride on Tom's rather large head when crossing water, but like all mammals, I can swim if I have to. I have requested that the bozo get me a small pair of swim trunks and floaties so that I will be able to participate in the snorkeling when we get where ever south is, but they have yet to arrive."

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