Telegnos Inc Partners with Club Nautique on Fleet Tracking Technology

The Telegnos Tracker will instantly allow the charter company to know where each vessel is in their fleet at all times

October 12, 2017
Club Nautique
The entire Club Nautique fleet will soon be fitted with the Telegnos marine GPS technology. Peter Sigal/Club Nautique

Telegnos, Inc. signed its first contract with well-known Bay Area charter company Club Nautique today. The Telegnos Tracker is an innovative maritime GPS device that lets boat owners and charter companies instantly pinpoint a boat’s location. Club Nautique is the first major charter company to order the groundbreaking product, which will soon be installed on every boat in their fleet.

The agreement also includes the Telegnos Tracker Monitoring Service, which reveals a vessel’s travel route. This allows a charter company to know not only the location of every boat in their fleet, but receive a notification if a boat goes outside preset boundaries.

Charter companies often have the concern of inexperienced renters taking boats into waters beyond their skill or experience level. The Telegnos Tracker enables a boat owner to remotely monitor every one of their boats anytime, anywhere, improving the safety of both the charterer and the chartered boat.


“We are thrilled to have Club Nautique as the first customer for our suite of products,” said Michael Plocek, CEO and co-founder of Telegnos. “We’ve been hearing from charter companies that need an accurate tracking and monitoring system for their boats and Telegnos has delivered. We are proud that our products will help keep Club Nautique’s customers and boats safe. We look forward to working together as we prepare to release future Telegnos products.”

Future updates to the Telegnos Tracker will give owners remote access to their boats through the monitoring of critical onboard systems. In addition, the company is developing the Telegnos Porter, a mobile application that simplifies the boat rental process to get boaters on the water faster and with less effort.

“The Telegnos Tracker is the first tracking system to be developed, from the start, with individual boat and fleet operators in mind,” says Dwight Durant, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Club Nautique’s California operations. “We’ve used other fleet trackers and there really is no comparison. The Telegnos Tracker is a complete value add for our members, fleet management, and boat owners. We look forward to the ability to share ‘Charter Tracks’ with members after rentals, integrating the Telegnos Porter system for check in, and taking advantage of the maintenance management benefits for the fleet team and owners. As a Telegnos customer, Club Nautique couldn’t be happier with their commitment to providing an outstanding product. It is rare to find a vendor that treats its customers like partners; Telegnos does.”


Telegnos will be working closely with Club Nautique to gather feedback and channel their input into future product improvements.

For details about the Telegnos Tracker and other solutions, please visit the products page. To request a Telegnos Tracker demo, go to


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