6 Quality Mid-size Cruisers

Our top picks for mid-size cruisers in the 30-40 foot range.

March 11, 2015
Catalina 38 Catalina Yachts up until 1978 had yet to unveil a sailboat larger than 30 feet. Trying something different, they released the Catalina 38 as their flagship racer cruiser and it took off almost immediately. The Catalina 38 holds to its S&S roots with pleasing lines and a pert reverse transom. To windward, the Catalina reflects its pedigree in heavy air while still surprisingly quick in light breeze. While tankage is limited, the Catalina offers all the other amenities needed to be a comfortable and reliable racer-cruiser. Click here to read more about the Catalina 38.
Fantasia 35 Designed for comfort, the Fantasia 35 sports a portly hull and distinctive round portlights. Perhaps most impressive, however, is the fact that it boasts 7 feet of headroom and a layout below-deck that makes larger boats jealous. 3 cabins ensure plenty of berths, while the open interior provides a good mix of comfort and practicality with large amounts of storage. Underway, the Fantasia 35 tends to have noticeable weather helm, especially in earlier models. Click here to read more about the Fantasia 35.
Fuji 40 Like the Catalina 38, the Fuji 40 gets its lines from a Sparkman and Stephens design. Despite its modern underbody – having a fin keel rather than a full keel – the Fuji is heavy and takes a stiff breeze to reach its hull speed. Speed is an easy tradeoff for the Fuji’s other characteristics, however. Steady and stable underway, through both heavy and light air, the Fuji is also roomy below deck sporting almost 7 feet of headroom. Click here to read more about the Fuji 40.
Dufour 35 At 6 tons, the Dufour 35 won’t bounce like a cork in an ocean swell, yet the boat remains quick on its feet. With its extra-long fin keel, the 35 is maneuverable, tracks well, and is well balanced.The deep cockpit keeps the crew dry on all but the stiffest beats. Below, the Dufour 35 can challenge even the beamiest modern yachts in terms of living space. With 6 feet of standing headroom and boasting 8 berths, the Dufour can accommodate more than most cruisers its size. Click here to read more about the Dufour 35.
Allmand 31 Overall, the design of the Allmand 31 is quite conservative yet contemporary. From the steep, slightly concave bow to the near-vertical stern, the sheer is almost flat. Under sail, the boat accelerates quickly, but windward performance is hampered by its wide beam and shoal draft.The strongest features of the Allmand 31 are its generous interior and its spacious cockpit. Click here to read more about the Allmand 31.
Pearson 38 As a Boat of the Year Nominee, the Pearson 38 proves its worth as the last of a well-loved line of boats.The 38 proved t one sprightly in breeze and easy to control despite its modest 4’9” draft. Below deck, the Pearson is light and open. The designers ensured that the interior saved as much space as possible to allow for maximum comfort. Click here to read more about the Pearson 38.

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