Vessel Vanguard: Fail-Safe Checkups for Busy Owners

Vessel Vanguard offers a software program to help keep your boat's maintenance needs on schedule.

Vessel Vanguard

Courtesy Vessel Vanguard

Keeping up with boat systems should be as straightforward as remembering to change the oil in the car. But face it---A lot of road warriors put that task off, and plenty of them own boats, too.

If you fall into the latter category, here's a solution for your tardy, risky ways. Vessel Vanguard, a cloud-based software program designed for boats 30 feet and longer, documents, categorizes all onboard systems and their components, and delivers maintenance schedules.

“We’re trying to give boat owners more time on the water, increased knowledge of their boats, and increased resale value,” says founder Don Hyde, an Island Packet 485 owner and technology entrepreneur. Hyde created the program to make it easier to assimilate and track the information found in all the manuals that came with his boat.

Not only does Vessel Vanguard provide an accurate, detailed service history of your boat, it supplies instant views of required maintenance tasks, and a master equipment list. Periodic email and text maintenance alerts let approved subcontractors as well as owners know what’s next on the upkeep list. The program’s filing system also organizes registrations, insurance, and other boat-related documentation. You can access the system via phone, tablet device, or computer, so there’s no excuse now for forgetting to service the winches. Custom setup and first year subscription cost $980; annual renewal costs $180.