Voyage to the Jungles of Guyana

The schooner Anne departs for a six-month voyage through the jungles of South America, the Caribbean, and back to its home base of New York City.

Schooner Anne

Stowe built the schooner Anne in

On November 30, New York City artist and sailor Reid Stowe and photographer Soanya Ahmad will depart with a crew of six to sail up the jungle river of Guyana in South America. There, repairs will be made to their 70-foot schooner Anne. Afterwards, the crew will sail through the Caribbean and return to New York City in May 2012.

Stowe and Ahmad set records aboard Anne when they left land for the first time in 2007. Ahmad holds the record for the longest continuous time a woman has been at sea without resupply at 306 days. Stowe set or broke five world records during his 1,152 days at sea. Stowe is a lifelong sea voyager, but Ahmad had no previous sailing experience before the voyage.

Many of the crew on this voyage have also never been on the ocean before.

The crew plans to raise awareness about sustainable uses of water throughout their voyage by working with the World Water Rescue Foundation.

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