Water and Electricity Don't Mix

Keeping electronics away from water sources can save your equipment, time and money.

Well I’m just back from the Miami Boat Show. Back to the New England reality of winter and all of its disgusting glory! Single digit temperatures and piles of snow that will take until July to melt down. Yuk. Anyhow, I did get some good photos worthy of discussion as I looked over just under 100 new products this year as a judge for the Boating Writers International (BWI) innovation award program. I love getting involved with that program as it gives me a chance to see what’s new in a large variety of categories in just two days. A bit grueling, but worth it.

So, beginning with the photo here, taken on a new powerboat with a pretty robust shore power electrical system, we see the power inlets all neatly located in what is actually an enclosure (the lid was open to take the photo). To the far right of the picture you see what looks like a faucet. It is a faucet. Eventually, a hose will get attached to this faucet I am presuming it will be the freshwater wash down for the boat in question. Now, I know on my own boat the wash down hose hand tightened hose fittings have a knack for loosening up periodically and allowing water to spray out around the fitting when it gets pressurized. Easy enough to fix by re-tightening the fitting once and a while. The difference between my boat and this brand new work of art is that I located my wash down fittings in an area in my cockpit that is no where near any electrical connections. Think that might have been a better choice here? I do.

Ed Sherman