Waxing Poetic in Darwin's Wake

"Cruising Post" from our November 2006 CW Reckonings.


In October, Philip DiNuovo and Leslie Linkkila set out from Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador for the Galapagos Islands aboard their Mason 33 Carina. The 600-mile westward passage was almost entirely to windward, but the constant uphill slogging didn't sour their mood, or stop Philip from romanticizing the Pacific's natural splendor in this recent SailMail update to friends and family:

"When the weather is clear the sea is an intense indigo blue and the stars-- when we can see them through the Humboldt current-induced cloud cover-- fill the sky in constellations foreign to our northern hemisphere memories. The Milky Way is a braided celestial river coursing across the sky. When storm cells threaten, the sea is a flinty, charcoal gray color with gun-metal skies spitting rain."

To view a photo gallery of Philip and Leslie's passage to the Galopagos, click here.