The Double Helm Dilemma

Tablets, chartplotters, and displays can be a challenge when sailing with twin helms. Here's how to solve the dilemma.

March 1, 2017
A mix of chart plotters and smart tablets can solve the double-helm dilemma. Billy Black

With dual helms all the rage on today’s boats, owners are presented with a conundrum as to where to best locate their navigation display screen. Depending on your personal preferences and the other items on your equipment list, one option would be to spec three identical MFDs, or you could strategically place your biggest display where you will use it the most. For example, if you prefer to do your route planning belowdecks, you could fit your biggest display at the nav station and run with two smaller screens at your helms; conversely, you could invert this scheme, or you could eschew the belowdecks plotter and instead run identical, generously sized MFDs at both helms and rely on a tablet and an app as an in-cabin repeater.

Here are some resources to help you make heads or tails of your next electronic refit.

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