This Fish Recipe Is a Real Catch

"People & Food Online" from our April 12, 2007, CW Reckonings

April 12, 2007


Debbie Braddon’s macadamia fish recipe is quick, easy, and tasty– the perfect finish to a day on the water. Debbie Braddon

Whether you’re a cruiser who takes pride in catching your own dinner every night or one who’d rather hit the nearest fish market after tying up to the dock, here’s a favorite recipe from a loyal CW reader, Debbie Braddon, who’s made this dish many times aboard Into the Mystic, her 40-foot Parlay catamaran.

Debbie says that she’s experimented using tilapia, sole, and flounder, and sees no big difference in the finished product, but she says that the tilapia version is her personal favorite.

Debbie said her friend Diane altered this recipe by frying the fish in a pan on the stove with lots of butter. Maybe not as healthy as baking the fish in the oven with butter flavor Pam spray, but probably very tasty!


Debbie assures us that this recipe is easy and delicious. Give it a try, and if you come up with your own version, let us know.

Macadamia Fish

White fish fillets (about 6 ounces per person)
Pam butter spray
Mayonnaise (to taste)
Salt and pepper (to taste)
Macadamia nuts, chopped
Hot sauce (optional)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Rinse fish in fresh, cold water, and pat dry.
Line a pan with aluminum foil and spay generously with Pam.
Place fish fillets in the pan but don’t overlap.
Cover each fillet with a thin layer of mayonnaise.
Sprinkle fillets with salt, pepper, and macadamia nuts.
Sprinkle hot sauce around the fillets, if desired.
Bake for about 20 minutes.

Debbie Braddon and her husband, Glenn, had Into the Mystic custom-built in Durban, South Africa. In 2005, they sailed from South Africa to Florida, and are currently in Saint Martin, French West Indies.


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