Gear: Fall Finds

Innovations abound in gear designed to make your time on deck easier and cruising life more comfortable.

Pontos Trimmer Winch A new French winch company Pontos has brought its products to this side of the pond. Designed for cruising sailors, the Trimmer winch is available in three sizes, and gives users the mechanical advantage of four speeds. Extra gears mean less work to haul up the main or crank in a loaded genoa. $1,425 and up;
Lifedge Ultimate If you spend time around the water with your iPhone, you likely have a waterproof case. But what about when you’re plugged in? The Lifedge Ultimate Lightning to USB cable is fray-proof, corrosion-proof, weather-proof and 6.5 feet long. $30;
UltraThin Matress The new UltraThin mattress from custom boat-bed maker Handcraft Mattress Company is designed specifically for sailboats. A 1-inch honeycomb layer distributes weight evenly and packs in the comfort of a thicker mattress. Paired with 2 inches of foam, the entire 3-inch-thick mattress can fold and stow easily. $1,200 and up;
Henri LLoyd Elite Offshore Jacket Built to perform in the worst conditions, the Henri Lloyd Elite Offshore jacket is lightweight and breathable, and is designed with long-term comfort in mind. The windproof, waterproof Gore-Tex Pro shell will keep you warm and dry, and the hood is designed for excellent peripheral vision. $750;
Antal Roller Cleat If you’ve ever unintentionally snagged a line on a deck cleat — or worse, a toe — then you’ll appreciate the Antal Roller, which allows you to easily secure a line and then lock down the horns of the cleat. $330 and up;