High and Dry?

An unusual sight was spotted along the Loire River last summer in France...

That'll buff out right?Tor Johnson

What is it?

While cruising France on the Loire River last summer, marine photographer Tor Johnson spotted something odd on a lock at La Martinière, about 15 miles west of Nantes: a sailboat that appeared to be melting over the side.

No need to worry — no boats were harmed.

The “melting” boat is actually a piece of installation art called “Misconceivable,” by Austrian artist Erwin Wurm. It was placed there as part of Estuaire, a permanent open-air art exhibition that follows the river from Nantes to Saint-Nazaire. Planning a France cruise? According to Johnson, the “Loire is navigable with mast up all the way to Nantes.”

You can find out more about the installation and other works at the Estuaire website www.estuaire.info/en.