New EEL Power Cord a Snap

You'll be able to find a power inlet on even the darkest and stormiest night with the Marinco EEL shorepower cord.

Marinco EEL shorepower cord

The Marinco EEL shorepower cord may not be a contender for sexiest new product in the show, but it did win West Marine's Innovative Product recognition. EEL refers to the cord's patented Easily Engaged Lock mechanism that lets a user attach the shorepower cord to a boat with a simple push and twist, eliminating the need to engage the sometimes-irksome locking ring found on most cords. A blue LED lights up when contact has been made, and there's a white LED in the center of the plug so the user can easily find the power inlet on even the darkest and stormiest night. The EEL is UL-approved and comes in both 30- and 50-amp models, in either yellow or white. The cord works with the standard power inlet found on most boats. Prices start at $110 and the cord comes with a five-year warranty. Marinco,