Quick Look: ATOA 64

Jeremy McGeary reviews this adventurous cruiser for the CW 2009 Sailboat Show


As the tropics become more crowded, the empty anchorages and austerely handsome towns of the high latitudes beckon the cruising sailor who seeks the unbeaten path. The ATOA (Arctic TO Antarctic) 64 is an "expedition" yacht for exactly such an adventurer. Built in aluminum by Dutch Yachtbuilders B.V., it has the heft and muscle needed to venture into cold waters and testing weather.

The hull has a plumb stem, which flares into a broad foredeck, and the Colin Archer inspired stern shouts "North Sea." Ketch rigged, its masts are well raked and the mizzen sheets to a boomkin platform that gives extra deck space for preparing for expeditions ashore or on or in the water.

A well-protected cockpit is backed up by an inside nav and steering station in the pilothouse. Belowdecks, three sleeping cabins and the main saloon are set up with lee cloths and other necessities for coping with long passages.