Quick Look: Dehler 44

Cruising World 2008 New Boat Showcase

September 12, 2007

Dehler’s penchant for performance shows in the lines of the Dehler 44, with its fine entry, powerful body plan aft, and deep fin keel. It also has, by current standards, relatively modest beam, but that doesn’t appear to have handicapped the designers when it came to providing the boat with a three-cabin layout with the customary comforts and necessities.

Decked out with a battery of winches, twin carbon-fiber steering wheels, flush hatches, and “light strips,” the boat presents a stealthy, aggressive mien to its competitors on the race course while bathing its crew with a warm ambience below in which to celebrate the day’s activities topside.

The Dehlers 44’s appearance alone will make fellow Tuesday-night racers wish they’d stayed home to watch CSI. Invite them aboard after the race and, seduced by their surroundings, they’ll forgive all that passed before.


Dehler 44 Specs

LOA: 44′ 11″
LWL: 39′ 3″
Beam: 12′ 8″
Draft: 8′ 2″
Sail Area: 1042
Displacement: 18,298
Designer: Simonis-Voogd
Dehler Deustchland


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