Quick Look: Dehler 60

Cruising World 2008 New Boat Showcase


Several years ago, Dehler yachts struggled with insolvency, paying the price, perhaps for daring to offer boats that are a little more edgy in concept and upscale in execution than much of the competition. Still, the brand has a following and staying power. The Dehler 60 makes a clear statement of this builder's intent to remain prominent in the market for sailboats that garnish high performance with a taste of luxury.

With a beam just under 16 feet, it shares proportions with early generation Open 60s, and the T-bulb keel hints at a target clientele that's not into wandering lazily between gunkholes.

The Dehler 60 is scheduled to launch in the fall of 2007, and the preliminary drawings show a layout generously apportioned to three cabins. An additional crew cabin in the eyes is a practical feature in a boat that promises top-flight performance with a comprehensive spec for contemporary cruising comforts.

Dehler 60 Specs

LOA: 60' 2"
LWL: 51' 2"
Beam: 15' 9"
Draft: 7' 10"/10' 10"
Sail Area: 1649
Displacement: 41,888
Designer: Simonis-Voogd
Dehler Deustchland