Tragedy at Sea

A crewmember aboard NARC-participant Triple Stars is washed overboard and lost en route to Bermuda.

Jan and Rob Anderson

Jan and Rob Anderson aboard Triple Stars in Newport, RI, the day before they left on the NARC, Oct. 31, 2011.Jen Brett

This year's annual migration south has been marked with tragedy. Triple Stars, an Island Packet 380 that was participating in the North American Rally to the Caribbean (NARC), had been making slow progress toward Bermuda and sat hove-to for a time to wait out the storms - first a nor'easter then Tropical Storm Sean. The doublehanded crew, Rob and Jan Anderson, were still about 285 miles northwest of Bermuda when a reportedly 30-foot wave washed Jan overboard. The Coast Guard received an EPIRB signal from Triple Stars at 13:39 on November 11th and a radio distress call from Rob about five minutes later.

The Coast Guard directed merchant vessel High Jupiter to the area, which removed Rob from Triple Stars. The search for Jan that followed covered 1,735 square miles.

Coast Guard report

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