Two-wire LEDs is a Game-Changer

New two-wire lighting technology makes for easy LED system refits.

Imtra’s Family of New 2-Wire LED Lights.Imtra

LEDs have become the new norm for boat lighting. Beyond significantly lowering heat output and power draw, the latest generation of LEDs also come with a wide range of designer fixtures and color combinations. Boat builders include LEDs as standard equipment, and a growing number of do-it-yourselfers are retrofitting older halogen or incandescent fixtures with the latest generation LED fixtures.

Imtra has been at the forefront of LED development for over 12 years. Its range of four-wire LED lights and fixtures are the systems of choice for many boaters and boat builders. Imtra’s new two-wire LED series represents another significant advance for both the professional boat builder and do-it-yourselfer. The company now offers 10, two-wire models, with four completely new trim ring designs.

“Ten years ago, most people we’d see at boat shows didn’t want to make the investment in LED lights,” says Colby Chevalier, Imtra’s lighting specialist. “Today’s boaters recognize the benefits of LED lighting and view LED fixture technology as another piece of essential electronics.”

The two-wire system is much easier to install than a traditional four-wire application. “In the past when a boat owner was performing a refit of the interior, running extra wires for dimming functionality was achievable, but not always convenient”; says Chevalier. “Most of our customers would prefer to simply replace the fixture and be able to use the existing wires for power (and dimming). The new 2-wire lights are super-retrofittable for the boat owner.”

The new series of light fixtures are designed to fit common hole cut-outs from legacy halogen lights, therefore preventing the need for inconvenient carpentry modifications in most cases. “The new light fixtures are fully sealed, IP65 rated and use the highest quality components to ensure longevity with the product backed by a 5-year warranty,” notes Chevalier. “Our products are all designed to perform flawlessly in the marine environment.”

The Wave is modeled after Imtra’s popular Ventura fixture and features a round bezel with slight beveled profile. The other new round design is the Blade which has a near zero slope and sits practically flat against the headliner. The Carve and Surf are the square shaped models. Surf contains stepped features giving it an artistic 3-dimensional façade. Carve is a traditional flat square design. “We created new trim ring profiles with our switching product line in mind as well,” says Chevalier. “The new Surf works well paired with our classic Vimar switching cover plates for example. The Surf and Carve models also complement other interior items like hard-edged tables or square drawer pulls and sinks to give the interior a modern, cohesive look.”

All four new lights have integrated, current-controlled drive circuitry, with spring mounting that require no screws. For screw-mount installs, the Tide, Pool, Ripple and Current models are available. The new models operate safely from 10-40VDC and are compatible with the company’s new single- and dual-channel PowerLED Controllers. The new LED fixtures offer bi-color dimming control with a single switch (when used with the dimmer control module). The lights are available in a variety of finishes and materials with custom finishes also available upon request.

Three single-color choices, warm, cool and neutral, are offered for specific areas of the boat. “We carefully select a color temperature to bring out the best features of fabrics, skin tones and wood grains,” says Chevalier. “Most boaters like to use warm for interiors and cool or neutral for exterior lighting. We’ve also expanded bi-colors to give owners more choices.” The bi-colors include the three primary white shades that can be paired with either red or blue, depending on the application.

“Our LEDs completely change the lighting experience, both in the quality of the lighting and styling,” says Chevalier. “The impact of installing the new lights is immediate, often looking like a complete refit. Most owners also love having lights that are significantly cooler to touch than their old halogens with the benefit of reducing loads on generators and air-conditioning systems aboard being quickly recognized.”

Going forward, two-wire technology will become standard on all Imtra’s LED systems. “We’ve been known for our reliable four-wire dimming system since we started with our first LED product in 2004,” says Chevalier. “Given the advantages for both the consumer and boat builder, we’re confident these new two-wire products will help our customers continue to improve their lighting experience aboard.”

The new two-wire lights will be shown at this fall’s boat shows.

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