Refits and Upgrades

The latest upgrades and refits for your boat brought to you by Imtra.


Upgrades for a Circumnavigation

Halfway through his latest circumnavigation, Webb Chiles made several upgrades to Gannet, his Moore 24, to make the rest of the journey safer and more comfortable.

refits and upgrades

Deck Upgrades

The latest chapter in our ongoing series about the complete overhaul of a classic-plastic Pearson 36.

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3 Common Causes of Noisy Thrusters

Is your bow or stern thruster too loud? Whether your thruster has been noisy from the day it was installed or if it just started getting louder over time, here are three factors that contribute to noise, and ways to solve them.

More Refits and Upgrades


Replacing Your Sailboat Rigging

Keep your sailboat’s mast securely in place by carefully inspecting all of your spar’s components and replacing parts before you have a breakdown.

range top

How to Select a Marine Stove

Before you start shopping for a new oven or stove-top, consider meals you’re likely to prepare and the fuel you plan to use.

imtra lighting

Let There Be Light

Refitting your yacht with the latest LED and light-fixture technology enhances the look and feel of your vessel. And it’s a great project for do-it-yourselfer.


Sailboat Engine Replacement Options

Before pulling the trigger on a new sailboat auxiliary engine, do your homework and make sure the marine diesel you choose is right for your budget, plans and boat.