Editor's Pick: Optrix ProX Case

For unrivaled protection from the elements and quality photos, the Optrix ProX phone case is a must have for smartphone photographers.

The Optrix ProX comes with 4 lenses and will keep your phone dry on even wettest days on the water.Optrix

There are many water resistant iPhone cases, but only a few true waterproof iPhone camera cases. There’s a big difference in the results: With a waterproof case, you’re shooting through plastic. With an actual camera case, you’re using a real lens. We’ve tried all the camera cases we could find, and without a doubt, our favorite is the Optrix PhotoProX. It’s a hard polycarbonate case into which you easily slide your phone, close the hatch to seal it, and fire away.

The ProX ($149) version comes with four lenses: flat (normal), fisheye (175-degree field of view), macro and telephoto (for 2x optical zoom). Image quality is excellent with all lenses, especially the fisheye, which somehow seems to pull in more color. Swap between lenses easily by screwing them on and off, and open the case’s bottom hatch to access the phone’s charger and headphone ports. It’s rated leakproof to 33 feet.

Check it out at www.optrix.com.

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