App of the Month: Wonderbolt

What size is this bolt? With this app, you’ll know the answer.

Every so often, an app comes along that we wonder how we lived without it. Wonderbolt is one of those apps. Owning a boat means doing projects on the boat, and that frequently means removing and replacing bolts and other fasteners. This app, which was designed by an engineer/sailor takes all the guesswork out of what size bolt you have in your hand.

Accurate, and simple to use Wonderbolt allows you to measure both US and metric bolts and screws, including the outer diameter, length and thread count. The app will also tell you the correct socket or Allen wrench size to use, in both US and metric.

Check it out! It's super handy! Wonderbolt is available for Free (until Oct. 15) from the App Store. (Hopefully the developers will make an Android version soon!)

Wonderbolt App