Hobie Mirage Islands

Hobie redesigns their Islands series powered by Mirage Drive for the freedom to sail, paddle and explore anywhere.

Hobie has redesigned their Mirage Adventure Island and larger Hobie Mirage Tandem Island. These boats incorporate a combination of new Hobie technology (Vantage CT seating and MirageDrive® with Glide Technology) and targeted re-design . The design criteria is optimum sailing performance. Period. Both boats remain powerful but easy-to-use combinations of specially designed pedal-driven kayak hulls, sail/sail masts and Polynesian outrigger-style akas/amas for beginners to accomplished sailors, kayakers and anglers alike.

Hobie’s iconic MirageDrive hands-free pedal propulsion system now offers Glide Technology. Roller bearings are inserted within the mechanism to reduce friction, allowing pedalers to maintain the same speed with less effort, making it easy to propel in currents or to get home when the wind scatters. The Adventure Island is fitted out with one MirageDrive, steerage and sail-handling control while the Tandem Island has two of each.

New technology and years of development have gone into the new Vantage CT seats. They feature three height adjustments for elevated and dry seating and they recline for preferred angle. BOA® Technology Lumbar Support provides maximum comfort with the turn of a dial. Breathable, quick-drying 3D mesh ensures soft, padded support. The seat can also be removed quickly and used as a beach chair.

Major redesign of the Adventure Island and Tandem Island centers around reshaped reverse-angle bows, cockpits moved further aft and deeper hulls. These three things all combine with the elevated Vantage CT seating to provide a drier ride. New two-piece stiffer carbon composite masts minimize weight and maximizes performance. The new larger masts and larger sail area ensure smoother, faster rides. Roller-furlings and vertical battens provide better lift. Retractable centerboards replace the daggerboards and prevent lateral slip. Larger amas easily tuck parallel against the rotomolded polyethylene hull for docking and/or trailering.

Built-in rod holders and the Lowrance-Ready Built-in Transducer Mounts appeal to the growing number of anglers that consider the Adventure Island an exceptional bluewater-capable fishing platform while the Tandem Island is Hobie’s ultimate blue water hunter, capable of marlin-teasing trolling speeds. Multiple hatches, on-deck stowage and Vantage CT seating encourage multi-day adventures on both boats for sailors and anglers alike.