Born a Sailor

For 13-year-old writer and sailor Tristan Bridge, exploring new coastlines is a way of existence.

October 1, 2012

Tristan Bridge and Cheval

Courtesy of Tristan Bridge

I am born from days without seeing land, those days when the horizons seem to blend into one another. I am from the swells of the ocean rocking me to sleep; then I wake up and I’m not quite sure which country I’m in. I am from those hours when the world seems to pause, finally stopping to catch a breath. I am from the most isolated settings, places that have yet to feel the taint of human interference. I am an adolescent of the world, born from the simplicity of life, caught somewhere in between passive existence and the struggles of mortality.

Exploring by Cheval, my family’s Outremer 55 catamaran, is a way of existence. We are the people with an unquenchable desire for answers. We are the people who truly have no bounds. The world unfolds at our hands—a mixture of peoples, a mixture of every lifestyle. There are no boundaries to our curiosity. We live only to cross the next horizon, to set foot on the next continent. Our shoes have trod the corners of life. We flourish in the secluded portions of our globe, and we retain experiences from each place we visit. Our planet has much to offer; many possibilities await us. Out at sea, anything can happen; places exist that seem beyond the imagination, and there are people to meet who define kindness. I challenge you to immerse yourself in cultures and learn the traditions of our world. Cast off the chains of immobility, because there’s something beyond your door.

From Shorelines in the October 2012 issue of Cruising World.


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