Reader Tip: How to Tie a Trucker's Hitch

Learn how to tie a trucker's hitch with this simple user submitted step-by-step guide.

Reader Gene Banman, a former long-haul trucker, submitted this useful series of photos demonstrating how to tie a trucker's hitch. “If you look closely at the “pulley” system set up by the trucker’s hitch, you’ll see that there’s a 2:1 mechanical advantage between the loop and the working end of the line that’s passed through it. As the slipknot slips closed, the working end gains slack at a 2:1 advantage over the loop.”

Step 1
1. Form a bight in the lineGene Banman
Step 2
2. Pass it under the standing line. This creates a loop opposite the bight.Gene Banman
Step 3
3. Cross the working line down over this resulting loop.Gene Banman
Step 4
4. Bring the bight back over the standing line with no twisting.Gene Banman
Step 5
5. Again with no twisting, bring the bight through the loop.Gene Banman
Step 6
6. Pull both ends of the line tight.Gene Banman
Step 7
7. Wrap the running part of the line around the object you want to tie and back through the loop you created. Cinch tight and finish with a slippery hitch.Gene Banman