Safety at Sea Seminar in Boston

Whether you’re new to sailing or an “old salt”, safety at sea seminars are for everyone.

safety at sea
Taking a safety at sea course is a smart idea for any sailor, no matter their sailing experience.Event Media

Whether you’re new to sailing or an “old salt”, safety at sea seminars are for everyone. Cruisers, racers, offshore or coastal and power boaters, we all face the same dangers.

If you or a spouse or a crew member falls overboard do you immediately know what to do? Have you really thought about it? Have you ever practiced a real man (person) overboard drill? What if you had an onboard fire? Do you know the proper methods to quickly extinguish a boat fire? Is it really as simple as grabbing the old fire extinguisher the Coast Guard regulations require you to carry onboard?

If you hit something in the water and a hole gets punched into your boat that leads to sinking, are you practiced at the skills of climbing into a life raft fully clothed including your full foul weather gear and boots?

In any of the above situations, do you panic or are you calm and confident in knowing what to do next to save the lives of those onboard as well as saving your boat?

The Marion Bermuda Safety at Sea seminar includes Day 1 with safety instructions from boating experts who have crossed oceans and dealt with a variety of challenging and dangerous situations. Day 2 has enhanced classes for Emergency Medicine, Weather, Navigating the Gulfstream and In-Water Life Raft procedures. Racing or Cruising, Coastal or Offshore, Take a Safety at Sea Seminar and build your boating skills and confidence. Those who have taken this seminar have said they’re really glad they have experienced this safety course and the in-water training first hand in a controlled environment.

For those who may be participating in the Marion Bermuda or the Marblehead Halifax race, the offshore requirements mandate that at least 30% of all crew members have completed a Safety at Sea Seminar in the past five years. Get a Safety at Sea Certification and sail with confidence.