Quick Look: DragonFly 35

Cruising World 2008 New Boat Showcase

September 12, 2007

For four decades, Jens Quorning has been quietly infiltrating his folding Dragonfly trimarans into the world’s waterways. His latest offering is the Dragonfly 35, which fits nicely between the 9200 (30 feet) and the 1200 (39 feet) It weighs in less than 9,000 pounds, yet carries enough cruising amenities to make it a genuine express alternative to a monohull. It has sleeping quarters for six and the elevated dining area provides a view of the surroundings through the cabin windows, a sort of railway coach version of a raised saloon.

Cruising sailors will be content with the Touring model, but those in search of a rush will want the Ultimate, which, with its 1,100 square feet of sail, will test their nerves and their sailing skills.

For berthing, the Dragonfly 35’s amas fold aft alongside the hull, and the resulting package, about 41 feet long by 13 feet wide fits in a boat slip of normal proportions for a monohull.


DragonFly 35 Specs

LOA: 35′ 0″
LWL: 34′ 5″
Beam: 26′ 11″
Draft: 1′ 10″/6′ 3″
Sail Area: 1076
Displacement: 8,600
Water: 37 gal
Fuel: 21 gal
Engine: Volvo 30 hp
Designer: Jens Quorning
Quorning Boats ApS


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