Quick Look: Oyster 100

Jeremy McGeary reviews this new megayacht for the CW 2009 Sailboat Show.


With the Oyster 100, Oyster Marine has officially moved up into mega-yacht territory, and has tapped Ed Dubois to usher it into this category where he has long-established design expertise. It has also tapped into the largely unexploited boatbuilding resources of Turkey to construct it.

At this size, the classic oyster-shell deckhouse stretches laterally in proportion to its height, streamlining a profile that, with its unexaggerated sheer and near-plumb bow, already has a low and purposeful look. Towering 140 feet above the water, the carbon-fiber mast supports a sloop rig that embodies simplicity and power, power that is harnessed through the use of state-of-the-art machinery.

Belowdecks, the general configuration is dictated by the raised saloon area, but the details will of course be decided by individual owners. The suggested arrangement shows the area forward of the mast devoted to the galley, crew mess, and crew quarters.