Useful Galley Tool: Go Ceramic

Ceramic peelers, knives, and other kitchen gadgets won't rust in your galley.

Kyocera ceramic peelers and knife

The 4.5 Utility Knife retails for $30. The Horizontal Y Peeler sells for $10.Courtesy of Kyocera Advanced Ceramics

On a search for galley cutlery that has a chance of holding up in the marine environment, I came across a line of knives, peelers, and other useful products—even coffee and pepper grinders—from Kyocera Advanced Ceramics. Besides being rust proof, these ceramics-based products are sharper than conventional stainless steel knives, and stay that way so long as you care for them properly. Besides being impervious to salts, the ceramic blades don't react to acids, juices, or oils. They come with a lifetime warranty, and for only $10 for shipping and handling, you can send any product back to Kyocera's factory in Costa Mesa, California, for professional sharpening. Trust me and my bandaged fingers—these knives are sharp! Contact the company for a full catalogue.

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