Cruising World’s Rendezvous for Sailors

Ready to take a break from work? The News? Home Schooling? We dug into the archives and pulled out some of our favorite stories about what you like to do most: Go Sailing.

Welcome to the Cruising World Rendezvous! Got some time on your hands? Looking for stuff to do, maybe a little entertainment, a few good sea stories from far away places? Well, when Cruising World’s editors found themselves locked down at home like everyone else, they dug into the archives to come up with some of the best stories that we've published in the last few years.

Here at the Rendezvous, you can visit exotic destinations, check out new and used boats, sample food and drink recipes and ponder a few projects that could make your upcoming sailing season more enjoyable.

Our advice? Mix up a sundowner, hunker down and enjoy!


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