Pearls Around the White Continent Series

Deborah Shapiro and Rolf Bjelke have been traveling around Antartica and sharing their adventures as a series published in CW. Here's the collection of stories.

Auckland 368

Northern Light sails off the southwestern extremity of Auckland Island, which was formed by volcanic activity 15 million years ago.Deborah Shapiro And Role Bjelke

**Pearls Around the White Continent Part I**
The high-latitude voyagers share the motivations-and even a tip for the galley-that helped them transition to life aboard Northern Light.

In Part II, the sailors on Northern Light, circumnavigating the Southern Ocean, make landfall first at remote Macquarie Island, with its king penguins, molting elephant seals, and a handful of scientists happy for the human company.

In this installment, documentary filmmakers Deborah Shapiro and Rolf Bjelke continue their 22,500-nautical-mile circumnavigation of the Southern Ocean. Sailing the 40-foot steel ketch Northern Light in the Roaring 40s, Furious 50s, and Screaming 60s, Deborah and Rolf explore the beautiful and far-flung subantarctic islands strung like pearls around the bottom of our planet.

In Part IV, Deborah Shapiro and Rolf Bjelke, on board their 40-foot steel ketch, Northern Light, return to places on the Antarctic Peninsula that they first visited in 1984. Their pleasure turns to dismay, however, when they become witnesses to the profound affects brought to the region by climate change.

In the final months of their four-year circumnavigation of the Southern Ocean, Northern Light’s crew explores South Georgia, its astonishing wildlife, and the shrieking winds twisted and turned by island topography.